Drop-in Office Hours, Spring 2020

UNIV 200-097: 10:00–10:50 W

UNIV 200-036: 11:00–11:50 W

UNIV 200-084: 2:00–2:50 W

UNIV 391-001: 11:00–11:50 F

5131 Harris Hall

Available to meet at other times in person and online by email appointment

There are no upcoming events.


Dr. Matthew James Vechinski is an associate professor in the Department of Focused Inquiry at Virginia Commonwealth University. He currently teaches traditional and service-learning sections of UNIV 200. (He has in the past led a section of ENGL 215, and will begin teaching UNIV 112 in Spring 2016.) Matthew’s teaching in Focused Inquiry draws on his interest in process-based writing instruction, communication design, and service-learning. He currently serves on the VCU Service-Learning Advisory Council.

His research centers on authors’ relationships with editors and publishers, with a particular focus on writers of short fiction for American periodicals as well as postmodern and contemporary experimental novelists. He has also written on design, collecting, and social media. Matthew earned his MA and PhD in English and Textual Studies from the University of Washington, where he taught writing and literature courses for many years. He is a Wisconsin native and lifelong Badger who loves dogs, coffee, and fine writing instruments.

View Dr. Vechinski’s CV here.

View his bio page on the VCU University College web site.

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